Ajedrez el cambio en América: Resolución sobre la guerra

March 2022

Presidents of National Chess Federations of America.

Dear Presidents:

Through this channel we allow ourselves to express our solidarity towards all the measures taken by the International Chess Federation in relation to the unfortunate events resulting from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

All FIDE actions have been carried out in complete accordance with the decisions taken by the International Olympic Committee and the world sports community. Therefore, we consider that today more than ever we must remain grouped, united around our governing body and not allow under no circumstances violence to become an instrument of submission and subjugation.

We adopt and accept with renewed energy the resolutions of the Board of Directors of our International Chess Federation with the certainty that we must all contribute everything in our power to help restore peace in the world.

We must contribute to these efforts as what we are, a family, integrated from our noble sport and working for a united America.


Chess The change in America For the good of all

Mario Petrucci
Presidente FADA (Argentina)

Mario Ramírez Barajas
Presidente FENAMAC (México)

José Antonio Carrillo Pujol
Presidente FAP (Panamá)